Thursday, 27 December 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Standing Leather Cover

When I bought my Kindle Fire HD from Waterstones, it was kind of a last minute decision so I didn’t have a case waiting to be used with it. As I wanted to use the Kindle pretty much straight away, I didn’t want it getting battered about in my handbag. Without wanting to wait to buy one online, I was stuck with buying one in the shop. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD Standing Leather Cover was bought from Waterstones and it cost £34.99. Now, considering that I paid £200 for the Kindle, it seemed sensible to buy something to protect it.
The case is slightly bigger than the Kindle itself so that it can fit snuggly inside. The case opens up like a book and once open the left side has a soft, felt like material covering it while the right side is where the Kindle goes. The sides are raised which is how the Kindle stays in place. On the bottom of the right side are two small slatted sections which is for the speakers and so you are able to hear the sound. There is also a small hole at the top end so that you can plug in headphones.
This case is made from leather and it has a lovely soft feel to it. The colour I chose was a dark purple although other colours are available. The leather has a cracked kind of finish to it, making it look like animal skin of some form. I really like the feel and finish to the cover as although it isn’t soft and smooth, it does feel robust and hard-wearing. At the edge of the case is the Kindle logo on a smoother piece of leather which hangs slightly over the edge of the case. This is used to make the case easier to flip open.
I think this Kindle case looks really stylish and while I would have preferred to not pay as much for one, it is worth the money. There are cheaper cases out there but having seen them now, I don’t think they look quite as nice as the more expensive choices. I’ll probably not buy any other cases as I am more than happy with this one. It is never really on display so I’m not too bothered about having cases in any other colours of styles.
I know many people won’t want to pay the £34.99 for a case but when the product it is for is so expensive, I think it’s worth splashing out.

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