Monday, 31 December 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

As I am a student living in Nottingham and I also live with my boyfriend in Norfolk, I have two sets of make up so that I don’t have to cart it around everywhere. For some reason, some of the items in both collections are different and one thing I have at my boyfriend’s is the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation.
Foundation is one of those staple make up products that I just can’t live without. Although I do have pretty good skin, I don’t like how it looks without having foundation on. I also do really long days at work so I wanted something that would last for my whole shift without coming off half way through. This is mainly the reason why I bought Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation. With the promise of lasting 25 hours, I was sure that it would be a good foundation that would last a good amount of time.
Rimmel is a well-known cosmetics brand now and can be found in shops like Superdrug, Boots and most supermarkets too. This foundation was bought from Superdrug and cost £6.99 although it is sometimes on offer either on its own or when you buy other Rimmel products. £6.99 is an average price for a foundation so I didn’t think it was overpriced at all and I was quite happy to pay this.
The colour of foundation I chose was True Ivory which is colour number 103. The foundation claims to be heat, humidity and transfer proof which I guess is what would make it last so long. The colour inside the glass bottle was much like any other ivory coloured foundation I have bought in the past and once on my face, it suited my skin colour perfectly. The foundation is creamy and thick but didn’t need much working in before my skin looked smooth and more even.
While the foundation colour did suit my skin really well, it unfortunately does not last 25 hours. Our phone at work ended up being covered in a foundation coloured powder after using it quite a few times throughout the day. Luckily, I did not experience the foundation coming off on my clothes or hands though. The foundation did last through an 8 hour shift at work, even with some of it coming off on the phone although it didn’t last too much longer than that. There is no way that this foundation will last the 25 hours it says it will, unless you put it on, sit in the same spot for 25 hours and not move at all.
Although this doesn’t do what it claims to do, this is a good foundation and I would still probably buy it again due to it suiting my skin so well.

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