Monday, 4 February 2013

Stackers Jewellery Box

It has been years since I’ve owned a proper jewellery box. Back at my Mum’s, most of my jewellery sits in the top section of a Beauty Box she won for me years ago. However, it’s massive and hard to carry around so I wanted something smaller and easier to use, and also something here in Nottingham. After browsing on Amazon for a while, and having seen these in John Lewis, I opted for a Stackers jewellery box.

Stackers make jewellery boxes in a slightly different way than others. Stackers sell their jewellery boxes in separates, meaning that you can either buy a whole set in one or buy piece by piece or only buying the trays that you need. The jewellery trays are available in a wide range of colours and styles so you can also mix and match if you want to.

I opted for the top lip section, as that obviously made more sense than buying a tray without a lid, in cream with a purple lining. This is a medium sized Stacker jewellery box measuring 25 x 18 x 3.5cm. This size is fantastic. Although it is not huge, it is also no way near small either. The box is made from synthetic cream leather, which feels soft to touch and looks nice from the outside. To open the box, there is a metal clasp which has the Stackers logo on it, which is fixed to the box with purple cotton.

This particular Stackers box has a purple cotton lining, which matches the material on the clasp. I love the colour of this purple and how it looks with the cream on the outside. The colours go really well together and I like this one much more than some of the other designs available. When you open the box, the lid stays up courtesy of one purple piece of material on the left hand side. Inside the box is the Stackers logo again, stitched onto the top part. This lid box has 7 different sections inside, making it possible to hold different kinds of jewellery. The other Stackers boxes generally have the same sized compartments in them e.g. one box for rings, one for necklaces etc. This one has two compartments large enough for necklaces, 5 which I think are best suited to bracelets and one for rings. This is perfect for me at the minute as I don’t have much of my jewellery in Nottingham.

I really love my new jewellery box and it is perfect for what I need it for. I can’t wait to start buying more layers to this though which I plan to do throughout the year. 


  1. Hi Lyndsey,

    Thanks for such a lovely write up! I've recently set up a STACKERS facebook page if you want to see what we are up to!


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