Thursday, 1 August 2013

Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Gloss Shampoo

When my mother in-law bought me the Schwarzkopf Gliss set for my birthday, I already had quite a few bottles of shampoos stocked up so I wasn’t really in a great need for this part of the set. However, after giving the conditioner a try, I just had to use the Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Gloss Shampoo as well due to the great results the conditioner gave me.

The first thing that I really like about this product is the packaging. It comes in a lovely light, sugary, pink bottle which looks really girly. I’m used to Treseme bottles in my bathroom which are either black or white so pink is a nice change. The bottle has the Schwarzkopf logo right at the top with Gliss printed in large, bold letters underneath. The opening on the bottle is at the top which comes in the form of a flip top which makes it easy to get the shampoo out. The bottle also states that this is a hair repair conditioner and aimed at people with brittle or dull hair.

I have real trouble finding a great shampoo or conditioner for my hair. It is long and very fine and not in the best condition due to blow drying and straightening. Sometimes, I can barely get a brush through it after washing which is a horrible feeling. This shampoo claims that it smoothes the hair’s surface and contains proteins that are identical to the hair itself which enables it to repair from deep inside. If these things worked like they did with the conditioner, I was going to be a happy girl.

When shampooing my hair, I used a blob of the liquid roughly the size of a 50p piece. As soon as the hot water mixes in, it creates a wonderful lather so I probably could have done with using slightly less. This is one of the shampoos which actually lathers up extremely well and more than the average conditioner. It also smells fantastic both in and out of the water. The scent is soft and floral but not overpowering. While washing my hair with this shampoo, it makes my hair feel great immediately and I love how it smells.

When blow drying my hair, I could also see and feel the effects of this shampoo. For one thing, I could brush my hair through with complete ease instead of having to fight with it for a good while. Also, my hair felt smoother and in better condition as well as looking silky and shiny. It’s quite hard to believe that something could make my hair so much better only the day after using two other different products which resulted in my hair being knotty and extremely tangled.

As you can probably tell, I love this shampoo. It does everything I could possibly want it to do, it smells fantastic and it works so well with my hair. RRP is roughly £2.50 for a 250ml bottle. 

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