Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Avon Seventh Heaven Senses Shower Gel

As my Nanna is an Avon lady, I tend to get a range of bath and shower products for my birthdays and Christmas. One of the newer things I have received is the Avon Senses Seventh Heaven Dreamy Shower Gel. This product can be found through an Avon representative or from the Avon website. For a 500ml bottle this will set you back £3 although it is often on offer for £1.50.

The shower gel comes in a pretty basic bottle which has slight curves to the edges. There is a large lid at the top in a bright pink colour. Although the lid is large, it only has a small flip top part right at the top which reveals the smallest of holes for the liquid to come out of. I think that the lid of this bottle could have been better designed for ease of use. As this shower gel is called Seventh Heaven, the bottle also has a picture of a really pretty pink sea that looks really calming and pretty.

The main ingredients that affect the scent of this product are Rose, Peony and Musk and this is stated on the front of the bottle. Inside the bottle you can see the soft pink coloured shower gel which matches the packaging really well. As soon as you flip up the lid and have a quick sniff, there is a lovely, fresh but feminine scent that comes out at you. I was looking forward to using this based off of the scent that comes out of the bottle before even using the shower gel.

However, once being used in the shower, I wasn’t as impressed. The shower gel doesn’t lather up too well and you need to use quite a lot on a fluff ball which means the bottle doesn’t last as long as it could. Also, the scent that I loved in the first place is quite non-existent once the gel gets warm. With other shower gels I own, the bathroom (and me) keep the scent for quite a while after a shower but I couldn’t even smell this one whilst I was using it which is a real shame. But, there are some going points too. The shower gel is really soft and does make my skin feel nice after using it. Even though I come out of the shower with my skin not smelling of much, my skin feels soft, smooth and moisturised.

I definitely wouldn’t pay full price for this shower gel but I wouldn’t mind getting it again as a gift or paying the reduced price. 

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