Friday, 6 September 2013

Carex Nature Protect Handwash Manuka Honey & Oatmilk

Handwash is one of those products that I’ll buy when something is on offer. A little while ago in my local Sainsbury’s I found Carex Nature Protect Handwash with Manuka Honey & Oatmilk on offer for only £1. The normal price for this product is roughly £1.80 depending on where you buy it from and this is for a 250ml bottle.

This handwash comes in a square, plastic bottle which has a pump dispenser at the top. The front of the bottle has the Carex logo printed on it which is quite large but there is also room for the name of the handwash as well as the ingredients to be printed on there as well. As the bottle is clear, you are able to see the honey coloured liquid inside. The packaging is quite plain as there isn’t too much on the front but it does look appealing on the shelf.

One of the two main ingredients in this handwash is Manuka Honey which I had never heard of before. After looking it up online, I found that it comes from New Zealand and it is supposed to be a good antibacterial product. This, added with Oatmilk, makes for a good handwash as it combines antibacterial with moisturising ingredients. Due to working with money all day as well as making drinks, changing beer barrels etc. my hands do get quite dry and rough at times. I need a good handwash to help put the moisture back in and make my hands look nice again so this is what I was hoping this particular product would do.

In order to use the handwash you just need to give the pump dispenser a quick push down and out will come the liquid. One pump will dispense a really good amount of liquid so you only need to do this once. The handwash is a lovely, rich honey colour which feels silky and smooth in the hands. Once added to a bit of warm water, the handwash lathers up extremely well, which again, backs up the only needing to use one pump of the liquid. Although this has both Manuka Honey and Oatmilk, it does smell more like honey which is extremely sweet but a scent I like a lot.

After using this handwash, my hands feel smooth and in much better condition than they did before. Although not a miracle working in regards to dry and rough skin, continued use does make my hands better over time. For the £1 I paid for this product, I really can’t complain. It makes my hands feel great and it also smells really nice. 

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