Friday, 9 August 2013

Palmolive Soft & Gentle Extra Fresh Deodorant

I’m always up for trying a new deodorant, especially if it is cheap or on offer. Although I had tried other Palmolive Soft & Gentle deodorants in the past and wasn’t totally impressed, I was willing to give a different one a chance. I managed to get the Palmolive Soft & Gentle Extra Fresh Deodorant for £1 at the time of purchase.

The packaging for this product does look lovely and fresh, which matches the name really well. The aerosol can holds 250ml of product and is white and blue in colour. The scent of this product is lotus and watermelon and I think the colour choices reflect this really well. The can also has some pictures of these things which helps to emphasise what you are buying. I like that this can doesn’t come in the usual pink that a lot of deodorants for women do. However, it still manages to look quite feminine due to the pictures on the front. The can is very comfortable to hold although with a deodorant, how long do you ever actually have to hold it for. There is a slight curve in the middle of the can to make it easier to hold.

After popping off the blue lid, you will find a push button underneath which is where the deodorant comes out of. For the first use, you will need to press down quite hard to break the seal but after that, the button presses down very easily. When held down, the spray comes out in quite a powerful burst so be careful not to hold it down for too long. As the button works so easily, you can use quite short bursts which will make sure you haven’t used too much. Even with using quite a bit, there are no white marks left and it dries very quickly, meaning you can get dressed near enough immediately after use.

This deodorant is extremely gentle on the skin, which is a good thing considering the name of the product. It doesn’t sting and it doesn’t irritate the skin whatsoever. It also smells fantastic. The watermelon and lotus scent is very refreshing and different from the girly, floral deodorants I have been used to using. While there are still hints of floral scents, it is the watermelon that I can smell the most.

With another deodorant from this brand, I didn’t feel that it lasted very long at all. I can happily say that this one does last much longer. Working an 8 hour shift and being on my feet all day means that I do need a good deodorant that will last. With this one, I feel fresh throughout my whole shift and I feel that it deals very well with any sweat that may occur. However, I don’t think it is a strong enough product for people who would use this before going to the gym etc. or for using over the course of a longer day.

For £1, this is a good deodorant and thankfully better than others from Palmolive.

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