Monday, 19 August 2013

Premae Harmony Moisturising Balm

Every month I look forward to seeing what I’m going to get in my Glossybox, a subscription beauty box. In May’s box, amongst other items, I received a small tub of Premae Harmony Moisturising Crème Balm. This is not a brand I have heard of before nor did I really know what part of the body this product was for. I only received a small 10ml sample whereas the full size product is 30ml and costs a shocking £27.50. Considering that is only three times the size of my sample, I was expecting this crème to work wonders for that kind of price.

The crème comes in a small tub which is extremely basic in design. The sample design is exactly the same as the full size tub. Wrapped around the glass tub is a white label which has on it the name of the product ‘Harmony’ printed in black and with a yellow background. Underneath that is a description of the product as well as stating one of the ingredients. Now, if I was paying full price for this product, I would be extremely disappointed with the packaging. It doesn’t stand out, it doesn’t look overly nice and it definitely doesn’t look expensive.

This moisturising crème is also to be used as a primer, something which I have never used before on my face so I was very unsure about how well it would work. The crème also has ingredients such as lemongrass oil and aloe vera both of which sooth the skin. Unfortunately though, as soon as you unscrew the lid, it becomes clear that this crème does not carry the scents of the ingredients which was a massive shame.  

The crème itself is very thick in texture and due to the small sample size, I began to use it very sparingly. As this is intended as a moisturiser and face primer, I didn’t think the sample would last very long at all. However, even with the thick consistency, the crème goes quite a long way. You only need to use a little bit at a time and it softens up quickly as you begin to apply it to your skin. After applying the crème to my whole face, my skin did feel a little tight but nothing too uncomfortable and this did ease up.

After applying the crème, I then went on with my normal make-up routine and applied foundation. I do usually use a moisturiser beforehand but not one that also acts as a primer. I could definitely see the difference between the two different kinds of products. With this crème, my foundation went on a lot easier and looked a lot nicer. My skin had a flawless finish to it whereas sometimes, I can end up with some patchier bits on my forehead/ between my eyebrows. The crème also helped my foundation to look nicer for a lot longer than it normally does so because of this, I was impressed.

Although I did like this crème, I couldn’t justify paying such a price for it. I would, however, like to try different primers now so I could compare a cheaper one to this. 

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