Monday, 12 August 2013

Revlon Nail Enamel - Mysterious

A while back when make-up was on 3 for 2 in Boots, I decided to treat myself to a Revlon Nail Enamel as my free object. I usually go for cheaper nail polishes but didn’t want to waste the opportunity to get a slightly more expensive one for free. A bottle of this nail polish will normally set you back £6.49.

Revlon Nail Enamels come in a clear glass bottle with a long, black lid at the top. The shape of this bottle is very unlike any of the other nail polish bottles I own and it is also slightly larger. For me, this means it doesn’t fit well into the boxes I keep my polishes in but I can overlook that really. The design of the whole bottle is quite simple though, with only the Revlon logo being printed at the base of the lid. As the glass part of the bottle is quite large, it is possible to see the colour of the polish inside clearly which is a good aspect to the design.

The colour I chose to buy was ‘Mysterious’ (#460) which is a rich, blue colour. The reason I chose this particular colour is because I don’t own anything else like it and I do wear a lot of navy clothes so thought it would match quite well. Upon unscrewing the lid and removing the brush inside, I could see that the liquid was quite thin and runny compared to the thickness of a Barry M nail polish. Due to the consistency of the liquid, I was a little unsure about how well the colour would transfer when on my nail.

After painting on a thin first coat, I was not impressed at all with the colour. My nails were covered in brush strokes and the colour was thin and watery. It definitely didn’t look anything like it did in the bottle. Although it looked terrible at this point, the first coat dried incredibly quickly. Due to the time in which this coat took to dry, it meant that I could put on my second coat not long after I had done the first one. Luckily, the second coat made my nails look much better. The colour after the second coat looked exactly like it did in the bottle and there were no streak marks to be seen.

At £6.49, the Revlon Nail Enamel range offers a great choice of colours and after two coats, it really does look good. Although I wouldn’t buy this all of the time, I would buy it if it was on offer again.

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