Saturday, 23 March 2013

Birthday Swag #2

So the other day, I posted about the presents my flatmate got my for my birthday. I'm actually going to split these posts up into three because otherwise this one would be super long. I went back home to Grimsby for a few days with my fiancĂ© to have a birthday with my family for once. This will have been probably the last one that I could have spent at home too with me moving to Norfolk after Grimsby and it being a 7 hour train journey to go back. We had a great couple of days though, probably eating out more than we should have but I got to have proper haddock and chips again which always makes me happy. 

In the last birthday post, I showed you all the owl things that Kate got me. Well, it didn't stop there. My whole family know I love owls and so does John so it was quite inevitable that I got more presents which were owl related. 

From my Mum I got:
Hugo Deep Red shower gel
An owl night shirt
Matching owl bracelet and necklace
2 Stackers trays 
Raspberry and Mint owl lip glosses

My sister's boyfriend got me a lovely box of chocolates

Although John gave me his presents when we got back to Norfolk, I wanted to include them in this post as the next one will be all about the beauty products. Although up to now, I have gotten some pretty awesome owl presents, John got me the best thing ever. An owl onesie! As well as that I got a couple of cookbooks - one for cakes and baking and one for takeaway food at home, and The Cabin in the Woods on DVD which is a film I love! 

My aunt always gives me money but with this I managed to get a really nice pearl necklace and earring set in a sale. I'm planning on wearing my Mum's pearls with my wedding dress but really needed some earrings and these are stunning and exactly what I was looking for. 

So there we go, the second load of my birthday swag. Check back here in a couple of days to see all the fabulous beauty products that I got as well! 

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