Monday, 11 March 2013

MUA eyeshadows 1 and 12

As most of my eyeshadows are in the form of big paletts, mostly from Urban Decay, I thought it was about time I treat myself to some singles. With paying for the wedding and still being a student, I don’t exactly have a lot of free cash lying around. However, I have heard so much about budget brand Make Up Academy (MUA) and I figured I should finally give it a go. MUA products are available from Superdrug and prices start from £1. What I ended up buying was four different singular eyeshadows, all costing £1 each. (Shades 1, 2, 11 and 12)

MUA eyeshadows come in small round plastic pots. The bottom half is black plastic while the top is clear plastic. The lid, which flips up, has on it the MUA logo, the full Make Up Academy name and it also states that this is an eyeshadow. If you flip the pot over, the bottom shows the product information and ingredients as well as the number of the eyeshadow. For some reason, I really dislike round packaging. I think mostly because if I want to put products in a box, they don’t fit neatly. However, the packaging isn’t that big of a deal and for £1, who really cares.

Anyway, my first uses of MUA was shades 2 and 12, which are a silvery cream colour and a grey/ brown. I bought shades which complimented each other so I could mix them together. I also decided to not use a primer with these as I wanted to see how they lasted on their own.  The eyeshadows themselves are soft to touch if you use your fingers which instantly made me think that they would feel nice on my eyelids. When using a brush to apply this eyeshadow takes a fair bit of work which was unfortunate. I used both a light and dark colour and with each one, I had to go over the colour a lot with my brush to get enough on it to put it on my eyelids. Maybe this was because they’re new though as they have gotten better as I have used them more.

MUA eyeshadows are easy to apply. When brushing the colour over my lids, I found that even though I had quite a lot on the brush, there wasn’t much excess falling off and onto my face. With the darker one, there was a little bit but it wiped away very easily. The colours also mix really well together and even putting one right on top of the other didn’t make my eyes look like I had far too much make up on. However, without a primer, these eyeshadows didn’t last all day but again, they were only £1. They still lasted a good few hours without beginning to wear off though so I was happy with how they did.

At the price, I definitely can’t complain about MUA eyeshadows and will be buying more in the future. 

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