Friday, 29 March 2013

Budget Interview Outfit

As I have recently found out that I can't transfer my job after finishing university in May, it means that I now have to look for a full time job for when I'm back in Norfolk. However, having a wedding to pay for and general household bills etc, money is pretty tight. I really wanted to buy pretty interview outfits from Next, as I love their workwear lines but that is sadly not to be. Instead, I headed off to Asda to get a few bits for my holiday and ended up getting a nice interview outfit there but at a fraction of the cost of what I would have paid in Next. 

I'm hoping to work in some kind off office or a job similar so I figured that I might as well clothes that would do well for work as well as interviews. I think the staple item of a work wardrobe is trousers and at George, I managed to get two pairs for £20. 

The first pair are plain black but come in a shorter length which is great for me. These cost £12. The trousers do have pockets although if you want to use them, you need to pick out the stitching. I'm not sure why women's trousers are like this. I'm sure most of us would want the pockets rather than not having them at all but I guess at least the choice is there. 

Next is a pair of black pinstripe trousers which cost even less at £8. These also come in a shorter length but they don't have any pockets which I would have liked them to have. I can't really complain at £8 though can I? I get bored of plain black trousers so I thought the pinstripe option was a little different for me. 

The last item that I bought was to go with both pairs of trousers. I got a wonderful, sheer top which has little birds on it. It is only available in black but I didn't mind this as I plan to team it with a colourful cardigan if it is cold or some great shoes and a handbag anyway. This top is see through so I have to wear a vest top underneath it. I think this one is really pretty and it cost £14. 

I'm actually really pleased with what George had on offer and there was a lot more I would have bought if I had more money at the time. I'm hoping to go back soon and get a couple more bits before I move away from Nottingham and there isn't an Asda really close by. 

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