Monday, 18 March 2013

Nails Inc. Basil Street Nail Polish

Recently, I have been wearing quite dark nail polish colours and I felt like a change. I’ve had a bottle of Nails Inc. Basil Street for quite some time now but have never used it. I’ve also been window shopping for new interview clothes should I need to look for a job in May after finishing university. I may not be able to transfer my current job so I’ll be in need of some clothes which look a bit more posh and that also means a more neutral nail colour. Nails Inc. nail polishes cost £11 for one bottle while you can get three for £22 online. Even though this may seem expensive, Nails Inc. is a great brand and worth paying more for.

This nail polish comes in the usual glass Nails Inc. bottle which has a screw top silver lid. The bottle has the Nails Inc. logo on the front as well as London printed underneath it. The back of the bottle has the company address printed on it while the colour of the nail polish can be found on the underneath of the bottle. While this packaging is a little bit plain, I really like the Nails Inc. bottles because you can really see the colour inside well. If you are a collector of nail polishes, like I am beginning to be, these look really nice when all lined up next to each other.

Once unscrewed, the silver lid reveals a nail polish brush which is just like any other. When applying this nail polish, the size of the brush means it takes an average of three strokes to fully coat your nail. Nails Inc. nail polishes go on quite smooth and only take one or two coats to look really nice. I have two coats on with this nail polish as the colour is a lot lighter than I normally use. Even though the colour did look ok after only one coat, I found that two makes it a little darker than it should be. The colour of Basil Street is a very light brown, which is why I will be wearing it with interview clothes.

Although this is not a quick drying nail polish, each coat only takes a couple of minutes, five maximum, to completely dry. This nail polish lasted about 4 days before it began to chip at the edges and then I changed the colour anyway. 

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