Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rimmel Precious Stones Nail Polish - Diamond Dust

I absolutely love glitter nail polishes so when I saw the Rimmel Precious Stones bottle in Superdrug recently, I knew I had to have it. The nail polish only comes in two shades so far which are Diamond Dust (Silver) and Ruby Crush (Red). I opted for Diamond Dust but I may be going back for Ruby Crush at some point. As Rimmel is a big brand, you’ll be able to find this product in most beauty shops such as Superdrug, Boots and many places online. The bottle of nail polish has a RRP of £3.99.

Rimmel describe the nail polish as:

This is not your every day top coat! This is high coverage glitter nail polish!
Supercharged with sparkles, turn your nails in to dazzling gems.
All the gems you'll need for the party season, and right at your finger tips!

This product comes in a pretty general nail polish bottle. The bottle is glass with a black, plastic screw top lid which when opened, reveals the nail polish brush. This product is all about the sparkle and even though you can see the colour of the polish inside the bottle, the lid also states that it is ‘full on glitter’ and there are pictures of diamonds there as well.

One the lid is unscrewed and the brush is pulled out, you can see that the thickness of the brush is also pretty average. With the nail polish on the end of the brush, it looks a lot thinner than it does in the bottle. I was slightly worried at this point because it didn’t look as though the colour was going to come out well. Usually I use a matt base coat with glitter polishes but I was determined to give this one a shot without doing that. After putting on one coat of the polish, my nail was not full of glitter. However, I could see by this point that another coat would probably do the trick. After 2 coats, my nails did looks amazing and very glittery.

Glitter nail polishes are normally a bit of a pain to remove and that is exactly the case with this one. I use acetone instead of normal nail polish remover and even with that, this was hard to remove. Luckily though, the polish lasted just over a week so at least it doesn’t need to be removed after only a couple of days.

I do really like this nail polish and it is much better than other glitter polishes I have used before. 

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