Monday, 1 April 2013

QVS Foundation Brush

I have only ever had one kind of foundation brush and that is a QVS foundation brush. This was the first one I ever bought and because I have been so happy with it, I have stuck with it ever since.

QVS is a brand that creates a range of different make up brushes and are sold online and in store at Superdrug. When I was looking for my first brush, everything I came across was really quite expensive and I didn’t want to pay too much when I was unsure of whether I would get on with it or not. At the time of purchase, I paid about £4 although they are now £4.99. Even at the cost of an extra pound, when I need a new one, I will definitely be buying one of these again.

My biggest problem with this brush (and it isn’t even a big one) is the packaging. The brush comes in a plastic packet which has nowhere or no instructions for how to get the packet open. Because of this, you have to cut into the plastic with quite strong scissors. Do not use really cheap or thin ones as they might break – I have had this problem many times when opening packets for headphones. I understand that this type of packaging is probably used to deter shoplifters but when you pay for a product, you do expect to at least be able to get at it.

The brush inside the packet has a navy blue handle with a small QVS logo towards where the brush is. The handle is sleek and comfortable to hold and is made from plastic. Just above that is a smaller metal part of the handle which holds the brush bristles in place and then obviously, the brush is at the top. The bristles themselves are extremely soft and much nicer than I was expecting them to feel due to the price I paid for the brush. The bristles are synthetic and not natural unlike with some other foundation brushes you can buy. However, I don’t think that matters at all because feel is the most important thing and not what it actually is.

To apply your foundation, you can either put it straight onto the brush bit by bit, or on the back of your hand and then using a small amount at a time. The brush does soak up liquid very quickly though. However, you can just press the brush a little more forcefully to your face and you will be able to use some of the excess foundation. Instead of applying foundation to your whole face at once, with a brush you need to cover section by section, making sure it is all blended in. The more you use this brush, the more foundation it will soak up into the bristles but that doesn’t really ever effect that way the brush works on your skin.

To clean the brush, I generally use shampoo and hot water, leaving it to soak for a little while. You can also just use soap and water but I think as you are cleaning bristles, the shampoo makes them a little softer. After washing the brush, it will look and feel like new again. I have been using and washing my brush for well over a year now and it isn’t any worse off than when I bought it. As I’m living between university in Nottingham and my fiancĂ©’s in Norfolk, I actually have two of these now, one in each house, because I liked it so much.

As you can see, I think this is a fantastic product and great value for money.

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