Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lush Cinders Ballistic

When treating myself in the Lush sale, something that immediately grabbed my attention was the Cinders Ballistic, or bath bomb as they’re also called. Although this was on sale, which made me interested anyway, it was the colour of this product that really caught my eye. Cinders is a product that is only available for the Christmas season so if you do like this one, you have to be quite quick to get it. In the sale, this cost £2.25 for 100g.

The ballistic is very bright in colour. While most of the ballistic is a yellow colour, there are also red and orange bits too. This reminded me a bit of a bonfire with the mix of different colours and it was certainly very pretty in baskets in the shop. The colour is not really surprising though once you know what this ballistic is made up of. With ingredients such as cinnamon, sweet orange oil and popping candy, the colour seems to suit it really well. The ballistic is quite small in size compared to some of Lush’s other similar products but the look of it made me not mind this at all.

When using the ballistic, you put it under running water while you’re waiting for your bath. Unlike other ballistics, this one dissolved extremely quickly. It only took about 2 minutes to fully dissolve which was quite disappointing. I like to see the ballistic fizzing around in the bath and I didn’t get that with this one. However, the ballistic did make the bath water a really nice yellow/ orange colour which was a bit strange but still nice.

This ballistic has popping candy as an ingredient but I didn’t see any evidence of this working or even being there while the ballistic was in the bath. While it was fizzing away and also after it had dissolved, there were not special popping effects whatsoever. I think the popping candy thing was a great idea but didn’t work out too well in the end.

Unfortunately, the ballistic didn’t fill the bathroom with a nice scent like they normally do. However, while in the water, this did smell quite sweet and not nearly as sickly as I had expected it to. I couldn’t overly smell the cinnamon nor the orange oil. I pretty much ended up with a strange yellow bath that smelt just a bit nicer than it normally would. The scent also didn’t do anything to my skin. After getting out of the bath, my skin did have a slight sweet scent to it but nothing amazing or memorable.

I really wasn’t impressed with the Cinders Ballistic and I won’t be buying it again when it comes back in stock at Christmas. 

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