Monday, 22 April 2013

Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler

After trying my friend Laura’s Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler, I knew I had to had one. I have had so many problems in the past with not being able to curl my hair or the curls dropping out quickly as my hair is so fine and thin but this is the only thing that I have found that works so far. However, this hair styler has a RRP of about £75. Now, I was extremely happy that this thing curled my hair but I wasn’t going to pay that price. Luckily, the price of this goes up and down on Amazon and I managed to get it for only £30, which is a really good price for it I think. Having looked again today (26/3) it has already gone back up to £40.

This product comes in a lovely black and purple box. Well, the box is metallic purple while the sleeve over it is black. Although the packaging is quite plain, with a picture of the product and its name, it is still really nice. It looks expensive, which it should do considering what the RRP is. Inside the box you get the hair styler, a heat resistant pad/ carrying case as well as a small ‘how to style’ booklet. Although the booklet isn’t too in depth, it tells you everything you need to know to get started.

What is different about this hair styler is the way it works. In the middle of the styler, just above the handle is a set of dials. There are three different dials you can turn, each of which go from number 1 to 3. Depending on what combination you have these numbers in; it will affect what kind of curls you get in your hair. Each dial heats up differently depending on the settings you are using. I initially really loved the idea of being able to create numerous looks with just one piece of equipment because who really wants so many hair stylers lying around just for curls?

Just underneath the dials is where you turn the hair styler on. There is only a little on/ off switch and it doesn’t tell you when it is completely heated up which is really my only negative about this product. However, this does have a quick heating design so it barely takes 2 minutes to be ready for you to use. Above the dials is where you actually curl your hair, is what they call a ‘mini flipper.’ To make it easier to curl your hair, you can put the end into this flipper in order to keep it in place and then begin to twist the styler, wrapping your hair around the totem barrels. On the other side is a metal clip, which can be used as a stand for the styler, making sure you don’t burn any surfaces with it.

So, to begin what you need to do is decide which way you want your hair to fall when it is curled. I know this sounds a little strange but depending on which way you twist the totem barrels with your hair on, will affect the way it falls. Once you have decided whether or not to twist towards or away from your face, you need to stick to this otherwise you hair will be full of all kinds of crazy curls that don’t look the same. Also, try to take sections of hair which are about the same width. If you want really tight looking curls, use the totem on 3-3-3 and have sections of hair about 1 or 2cm wide. If you want curls which aren’t too tight nor loose, use 1-1-2, which is what I generally use. 1-1-2 will give you slight waves nearer the top of your hair with a bit of a bigger curl towards the bottom. Using 1-1-1 will give you lovely wavy hair in a bohemian style.

When curling your hair, you only need to keep it wrapped around the totem for roughly 5-10 seconds. There is a video on Youtube of a girl demonstrating how to style your hair (not with this product) and she leaves her hair wrapped up too long and it ends up falling out. Don’t let that happen to you! As the totem barrel heats up quickly anyway, there is no need to keep it on for too long or wait between curling each section. It will stay hot enough the whole time while doing your hair. When releasing your hair from the flipper, all you need to do is release it and gently pull the styler downwards. This will release your hair without pulling the curls out at the same time.

For £30, this is a fantastic product but I would never have paid full price for it, even with my hair being a nightmare to curl. I highly recommend this product, especially if you are like me and are no good with styling your hair in the first place. It is easy to use and curling all of my hair only took about 15 minutes which I thought was great considering my hair is really long. 

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