Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sainsburys Hairspray – Firm Hold

After trying out my friend Laura’s Enrapture Encode Totum Styler, I decided I needed one for myself. I saw the price had dropped on Amazon to only £30 (£45 off the RRP) so bought it instantly. However, as I got one day delivery, I realised that I had no hair products whatsoever due to my having it down and straight all of the time. I quickly headed over to Sainsburys to stock up on a few things. A must have when curling hair is hairspray so this was the first on my list. I ended up getting Sainsburys Hairspray – Firm Hold as I wanted something that would hold the curls without my hair being too stiff. For a 300ml canister of this, you can expect to pay £1, both in store and online.

The canister of hairspray is quite nice looking, considering it is a Sainsburys own product. However, it isn’t one of the cheapest of Sainsburys products which are really plain and white with only orange text. The main body of this canister is a lovely dark silver colour with a purple top and cap which pulls off. The colour of the text on the body of the canister is also purple which matches the top and the cap. On the body of the canister is the Sainsburys name and the product name as well as what kind of hold it gives.

The hairspray is really easy to use. Once you pull off the cap, all you need to do is push down on the button and the spray will be released. With some really cheap hairsprays, the room can become quite full and fumes quickly, especially small rooms but that isn’t the case with this one. I used this in my bathroom, which is tiny, and while I could smell the hairspray is wasn’t too bad at all.

My hair is really fine and thin, which is why I have had such a hard time being able to curl my hair before. However, by using this along with my new curlers, the curls actually stay in my hair and as they should be. As this is a firm hold hairspray, I was slightly worried that my hair would end up stiff and not have that luxurious, bounce that curls should have. However, while my hair was a little stiffer than normal, it didn’t feel crunchy at all and it really did keep my curls in good condition.

For £1, I’m really impressed with this hairspray and probably won’t be buying anything different from now on unless there is a really good offer on.

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