Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Sanctuary Body Butter

I have written reviews before about my love of body butters. I think I have about 7 or 8 of them sitting around in the bathroom now. As part of the set I got for my birthday, I got a tub of The Sanctuary Body Butter. I did get a full size tub which usually costs a shocking £9.50 for 300ml. I say shocking, but a 200ml tub from The Body Shop usually costs £13 at full price. The Sanctuary products can be found in Boots or Boots online.

The body butter comes in a large white tub with an orange lid – the Sanctuary signature colours. The tub is quite plain, with the Sanctuary name on the front as well as the name of the product. The orange lid is a screw top like you would expect with any other kind of body butter. I tend to keep my body butters separate from my other bath products but this one fits nicely on top of the others.

Unlike with the Body Soak from Sanctuary, once I opened the lid to the body butter, I was instantly hit with a lovely, sweet scent. At first, I didn’t think the scent was very feminine but once I got a better smell, I realised that there was a very distinct scent there. In this body butter, you can find cocoa butter as well as macadamia oil which is what I smelt. There is also almond oil in there too which, when mixed together, smells amazing. The mixture of almond oil and macadamia oil means that this body butter should make your skin lovely and soft but at the same time, giving your skin a really sweet scent to it.

Apart from the scent upon opening the tub, there is also the view of the wonderfully white and creamy body butter. This does look a little thinner than those from The Body Shop but this just means that a smaller amount will go a long way. I only used a tiny amount on my fingertip to use on my calf and that covered it completely. I was surprised at how little of this product I needed and how far it actually went. For this reason, this is a much better value for money than a body butter from The Body Shop as you never need to use as much so the tub will last longer.  

After using this on my calves, (it’s where I test all new products) I could immediately feel how much softer my skin felt. The body butter moisturises very quickly and easily. I always get really dry skin on my calves and find that I need to moisturise every day in order to stop this from happening. However, with this one, I left it for a day after using to see what would happen to my skin and it was still wonderfully moisturised after two days.

Up until now, I have been very loyal to The Body Shop but I think I may have found my new favourite. 

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