Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Polish

Although I have quite a lot of nail polishes, most of them have now been moved to my flat in Norfolk and I only have a few left in Nottingham. Because of this, I decided to nick one of my flatemate's nail polishes so I had something different on for a change. The one I decided to use was Rimmel's Metal Rush in Royal Blue. As Rimmel is a very well-known and popular brand, you can find it in most beauty stores like Superdrug and Boots as well as many other places online. The RRP is £3.99. 

Rimmel describe these nail polishes as 'Do you dare to wear Rimmel's fierce metallic two tone nail colour!? Flip your nail colour with our innovative nail polish. Be right on trend with our amazing metallic two tone nail colour that changes tone with your moves! 

Before this, I had never worn a two tone nail polish before so I wasn't sure what to expect from it really. In the bottle, Royal Blue is not exactly as the name makes it sound. Instead of a royal blue, this one is a light blue with purple mixed into it. On the bottle, there is the Rimmel logo , Metal Rush in large lettering and 'flip your colour' printed on the lid. The packaging is more cluttered than most nail polishes and personally, I prefer a plainer looking bottle. 

When applying the nail polish, it settles on the nail pretty much the same colour as how you see it in the bottle. For me, this was a good thing as many times I have bought a nail polish that looks completely different on the nail. With this one, due to the two tone appearance, you will definitely need two coats. The first coat didn't look too good and the two tone but didn't stand out too well. After the second coat though, my nails were a wonderful pearly blue/ purple colour. If you move your hand either way, each nail will shine slightly different which was a nice touch. 

Unfortunately, what lets this lovely looking nail polish down is how long it lasts. I found that after only 2 days, it had begun to chip quite badly and I wasn't doing anything other than what I normally would. After the third day, I had to completely remove the nail polish as it looked terrible. I was really disappointed with this nail polish but only because of how long it didn't last. If it had lasted longer, I would buy it again.

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