Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sanctuary Body Lotion

For my birthday, I received a massive Sanctuary gift set which was filled with a whole range of goodies, all full sized too. One of the products was the Sanctuary Body Lotion. I’m not much of a body lotion kind of girl due to preferring body butters but I was willing to give this one a try.

Sanctuary products are available from Boots stores and online, with a 250ml bottle costing roughly £5.50.

Sanctuary describes the product as ‘a wonderfully fragrant, super-absorbent lotion which nourishes and stimulates the body, smoothing away dryness and revitalising tired skin.’

Packaging wise, this one is pretty typical for a Sanctuary product. The body lotion comes in a bottle which is shaped like a cylinder. The bottle is plastic and see through, which makes it possible to see the product inside. The lid is made from orange plastic. The bottle also has on it the Sanctuary name, product name and other information such as that it has not been tested on animals and that you can recycle the bottle. The Sanctuary packaging is a bit plain for my liking although the colours do go nicely together.

After popping off the orange lid, you will see the opening at the top of the bottle. This is obviously where the body lotion comes out of. I find this kind of bottle to be a bit of a pain. In order to get any lotion out, you need to squeeze the bottle and tip it upside down. The whole process would be much easier if the bottle had a pump dispenser on the top because once you get to the bottom, there are going to be problems getting any more lotion out. The lotion is also quite thick, which does make it more difficult to get out of the bottle.

Although the thickness of the lotion can be a little annoying because of the bottle, this is a good thing for my skin. The lotion itself is not exactly white but has a slight orange tint to it, more like a really light peach colour. It was nice to see a product that wasn’t boring white nor girly pink. Being quite thick means that the lotion takes a little more time to soak into the skin compared to a thinner body lotion. However, rubbing this into my skin feels wonderful and I could really feel it working and hydrating my skin quickly. Although the lotion can be quite cool to begin with, it does warm up and gives a wonderful feeling to the skin.

As well as feeling lovely on the skin, this lotion smells great too. Ingredients include ginger root and jojoba oil, which also help to soften the skin. I never need to use much of this in one go so while it may seem expensive for the size of the bottle, it does last a long time. One small blob of lotion is enough to cover both of my calves, which is where I need to moisturise the most.

Even though this is a lovely product, I do still prefer my body butters. However, if I were to get a gift set again, I would be more than happy to use this product – I just wouldn’t buy it myself.

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