Monday, 15 April 2013

The Yarborough Hotel, Grimsby

On a recent trip back to Grimsby, I went out to eat more than I usually would. On the Saturday, I headed into town for drinks and some food at The Yarborough Hotel, which is actually a Wetherspoons branch. The Yarborough Hotel can be found right near Grimsby Train Station so it is in the perfect location if you have had a long journey or need to go somewhere easily with cases. Having grown up in Grimsby, I have always thought of this branch of Wetherspoons as ‘the old man’s pub’. This is because the other Wetherspoons is much trendier and livelier whereas this one is actually full of old men. However, it has a more relaxed atmosphere and doesn’t play any music which is nice if you do just want to go and have a drink and a chat with friends.

As soon as you walk in the main entrance, you can see just how big this place is. The pub is split up into two floors although only so by a couple of steps. The lower part of the pub has quite a few tables although space is mostly taken up by seats around the edges of the room. As you go up the steps you see the first bar and just past this is another bar and another room full of tables. The Yarborough Hotel has so much seating in comparison to the other Wetherspoons which is probably why it is so popular.

Since I last came here, the menus have changed and for the better. Each table has a menu on it and you have to go up to the bar to order your food and drinks. The menu is so much better than it used to be although it is still very much a pub food menu. The Yarborough Hotel opens at 8am every day so it is open for breakfast. However, it is the main meals and sharing dishes which have been revamped. The Yarborough Hotel serves the basic burger as well as things like a full rack of ribs, salads and sandwiches. We decided to go for one of the new sharing platters (The Wetherspoon Sharer) as we didn’t want to eat too much. For £8.09, this included chicken wings, chicken strips, onion rings, battered shrimp and chips.

Service at the The Yarborough Hotel was fantastic. Even though the pub was extremely busy, after placing our order it only took 10 minutes for our food to arrive. Even though this is a sharing platter, we didn’t get given any plates so we had to ask for these. All of the food was nice and hot and looked very appetising on the plate. I don’t eat shrimp so cannot comment on what this tasted like but the rest was all lovely. For the price, I think we got really good value for money and there was enough food for the three of us without us fighting for more of anything.

As you would expect from a Wetherspoons, the drinks are also pretty cheap. We were having rounds of two VK’s and a pint of Fosters and this came to around £6 which isn’t bad for a round at all. As the drinks aren’t overly expensive, it is quite possible to sit here for hours if you’re paying for yourself only and barely spend £20. This Wetherspoons in particular serves a whole range of cask ales if you’re into that sort of thing too.

Compared to the other times I have been here, nothing much has changed in regards to how the pub actually looks but the food menu is a hell of a lot better than I can ever remember it being.

29 Bethlehem Street
DN31 1JN

01472 268283

Opening Times
Mon - Thu: 8am to 12am
Fri - Sat: 8am to 1am
Sun: 8am to 12am

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