Friday, 5 April 2013

Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak

For my birthday recently, I got a whole load of Sanctuary products. This is a range I have never tried before so I was looking forward to seeing what they were all like. The first product I used was the Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak. Although this did come in a gift set, it was a full size, 250ml bottle which retails at £5.50. Sanctuary products are available from Boots.

Although I had never used a Sanctuary product before, I knew that their signature packaging was white and orange, two colours which really go well together. This bottle has a long, white body with an orange cap which you pull off. The bottle has on it the Sanctuary Spa logo along with the little fish picture as well as the name of the product and a description. If you use these products a lot, the packaging looks really nice when on a shelf with other bottles that match.

Upon opening the cap, I can’t say that I got a really strong smell like I was expecting. Sanctuary products aren’t cheap and this is far from a bubble bath that you can get for £1 or so in a supermarket. Sanctuary directs you to apply generous amounts to your bath, which I did. I always generally tend to go overboard with bubble bath and put in way more than I need to just because I like a lot of bubbles. However, this one took a really long time to bubble up and even then, my bath wasn’t nearly full of bubbles.

To make up for the disappointing amount of bubbles, at least this did have a nice scent to it while in the water. The bath soak has a really sweet, gingerbread type scent to it which I found to be really nice and relaxing. The water also becomes really nice and smooth which was also another plus side to this product. My hot bath water felt incredibly smooth and silky and I could feel my skin begin to feel softer too as soon as I got in. After my bath, my skin still felt great and it smelt nice at the same time.

While this isn’t my favourite bubble bath/ bath soak by far, I did really enjoy using it and the smell that filled my bathroom. 

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