Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Amazon Kindle/ Kindle HD charger

After buying a cheap charger for my Kindle Fire HD and realising they just did not work well together, my fiancé bought me the official Amazon charger for Christmas. At first, I was reluctant to pay the £17.99 for the product, which is why I ended up with something that didn’t work. Although Waterstones do now sell Kindles, the charger is currently only available through Amazon.

Firstly, I think that this should have been something you get with the purchase of a Kindle. Being a tablet that does run down the battery quite quickly if not only using for reading, the USB charger is not adequate enough for my charging needs. Anyway, this charger comes in a little black box with the Amazon and Kindle logos on it. Inside the box is the plug, which does not have a cable on it. This plug is designed to be used with the USB cable provided at the time of purchase. The USB cable fits into the underneath of the plug, so to not stick out at all or get in the way. As plugs go, this one looks quite sleek and nice but then I would hope so for near enough £18.

Amazon claims that this charger ‘Fully charges your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD devices in under 4 hours’ and after having bad experiences so far with chargers, I was sceptical. However, this charger does exactly what it says it should do which is fantastic. I sometimes work 13 and a half hour shifts at work and the Kindle battery definitely does not last that long so I needed something that would charge quickly so this charger is actually perfect.

Although this is an expensive plug, it is well worth the money. 

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