Thursday, 7 February 2013

Barry M Nail Paint - 273 Raspberry

Barry M is one of my favourite brands of nail polish and I always love buying more. One of my absolute favourite shades is the 273 Raspberry. Generally, these will set you back £2.99 in most shops like Boots or Superdrug but they are on offer quite often for 2 for £5 which I always like to take up.

273 Raspberry is a bright colour and as with all bright coloured nail polishes, it is advisable to use a base coat because strong colours can stain your nails. However, I have used this one with and without a base coat and luckily, this is a colour which does not stain your nails. Both with and without a base coat, you’ll need two coats of this colour to make it look nice and as it should.

The brush provided made this nail polish extremely easy to apply. Sometimes with cheaper brushes you can end up with brush marks or even some of the bristles falling off. Barry M nail polish provides a smooth application that looks flawless. I really don’t have a steady hand but I managed to not get any colour on the sides of my nails. The actual nail polish is quite thick but not to the point where it is overly gloopy. I think the thickness of the polish is just enough to give a nice finish on your nails.

This nail polish lasted a whole week with minimal chipping. However, when I say chipping, it was only on the top edges of my nails that started to come away but not much at all. After nearly 2 weeks of having this nail polish on, the completed look was near enough still intact with only a few small bits missing as I just explained. I didn’t use a top coat with this nail polish but I don’t think that would have made the colour last any better.

While Barry M nail polishes last really well time wise, they are also really easy to remove. As I said, no base coat was used but the majority of the colour came off with only one swipe of a cotton wool pad and some nail polish remover. I hate having to spend ages taking off a colour so this is another reason why I love this one so much. Also, unlike some other polishes, this one doesn’t smear the colour all over your fingers when you remove it.

Barry M 273 Raspberry is a colour I would buy over and over again when this bottle eventually runs out! 

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