Friday, 22 February 2013

The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

In a sale a while back at The Body Shop, I splashed out and decided to stock up on a few items. One of my purchases was the Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter.
As this is a Body Shop product, it is only available online or in shops. For a 200ml tub of this body butter, you can expect to pay £13. However, as I bought mine in the sale, it only cost me £4.55 which is a complete bargain. I have paid full price before for body butters but it is just too expensive for me to pay now.
The body butter comes in a round plastic tub which is a dark pink colour. The tub has a screw top lid on which is pictures of raspberries as well as the name of the product and the body shop logo. I really like the tubs for these body butters are they are normally quite bright and they are easy to get in to. The tubs are large and are nearly full to the brim with the product. I think that these tubs also stand out and you know when you see one that it is a Body Shop body butter that is inside.
Upon opening the tub, you can see that there is a thick and creamy pink cream inside. The sweet scent of raspberries instantly hits you which is probably because this product includes real raspberry seed oil instead of being all manufactured ingredients. The cream inside the tub is so thick that if you were to tip it upside down, I think it would take a hell of a long time for anything to come out.
I generally use this on my legs as I tend to get quite dry skin, probably from wearing boots all the time without tights. So far, body butters have been the only things to really make my skin feel better. Although the cream is really thick, you do not need to use a lot to cover your skin. I only ever use a little bit on each leg and it goes a long way so buying a 200ml tub will last you ages as long as you don’t go mad with it.
What I love most about this product, along with how good it is at moisturising my skin, is the smell. Although I obviously don’t go around smelling my legs, the smell of this product lasts on my skin all day. I used this the morning of writing this review and it is now 7pm. I can still smell the raspberry scent on my hands which is wonderful.
Although this is an expensive product, I do think it is worth it. I will always try to get different body butters in the sale from now on but if I was desperate, I do think I would pay the full £13 just because these are fantastic products.

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  1. I am currently using it (along with the coconut version) and it's just so lovely! the smell is amazing, so fresh and simple :) expensive, but I got mine on sale and it was one of the best purchases this summer ;)

    kisses from Istanbul!