Friday, 1 February 2013

The Body Shop Green Apple Bath and Shower Gel

Although I normally only buy body butters from the Body Shop, during their recent sale I decided to try some other products seeing as the prices were so good. One product I bought was the Body Shop Green Apple Bath and Shower Gel. As this is a Body Shop product, it is only available in store or through the online shop.
The product in question comes in a 250ml plastic bottle which would normally set you back around £4. However, as this was in the sale, I got a bargain and only paid £1 for it. I would never have paid the full price for this due to the size of the bottle and I know that I could get a better deal on shower gels in a different shop. The bottle is mainly see through, making it possible to see the bright green colour of the product inside. The bottle has a dark green label on it, with white writing which explains what the product is. The bottle also has a black flip top lid which is how you squeeze the product out.
If I had been in a shop looking at this product, I doubt that I would have bought it. Firstly, as I said before, I wouldn’t have paid the full price. Secondly, the packaging is extremely boring and it wouldn’t stand out on a shelf at all. I think especially considering the price that you would normally pay for this, the packaging could have been even a little bit nicer.
This is a dual product, where you can use in both the shower and the bath although I have only ever used it in the shower. I’m sure it would have just the same effect in the bath though. As soon as you pop open the flip top lip, the sweet smell of apples comes through quickly. I use this product with one of those fluff ball things and when I begin to pour some liquid out onto it, I notice that the liquid is pretty runny. Because of this, quite a lot comes out at once which is unnecessary. The bright green liquid foams up easily on the fluff ball, which again means that you don’t need to use a lot.
The smell of this shower gel is lovely once wet and foamed up. The smell of apples quickly fills my bathroom and it stays there for quite some time. The shower gel also feels great on my skin, leaving it feel very refreshed and cleansed. While this shower gel doesn’t really moisturise or do anything other than clean your skin, it is still a lovely shower product. However, it isn’t nice enough to pay £4 for a normal sized bottle.

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