Friday, 15 February 2013

Not long left...

I can’t believe it’s the middle of February already! Where is this year going? For me, it being this time of year means that it is nearly time for me to finish university. As I don’t have any exams this year I am finishing right at the beginning of May instead of the middle of June like I normally would. I only have a couple of little bits of my dissertation left to write and one more essay and that’s about it, other than a couple of other little bits and pieces which are done weekly. Anyway, because we only have a few months left, this week my flatmate Kate and I had people round for Pancake Day. To begin with, we decided to treat ourselves with a bottle of Proseco and the lovely box of chocolates Kate’s mum left the other week! 

As you can see, we probably aren't the most stereotypical student and we do like to have something nice in the house!!

Next came the pancakes. Kate, our friends Laura and Danielle, and myself made the most humongous batch of pancake mix I have ever seen. We all contributed something which resulted in there being a table full of awesome toppings as well as a tub of ice cream which you won't see in the picture below. It was so much fun all having a couple of turns at making our own pancakes and then digging in and experimenting a little bit with the fillings. Although I'm at work a lot and don't get to do this kind of thing often, I really will miss having people round and having nights like this. 

Yum!! What did you all do this week and how did you spend Pancake Day?

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