Monday, 25 February 2013

Nails Inc. Devonshire Row

Another of the Nails Inc. nail polishes which I got for Christmas was the Nails Inc. Devonshire Row. Purple is one of my favourite colours for nail polishes although I thought this one might be a little light compared to what I would normally buy. Nails Inc. nail polishes are usually £11 although the official website, often have these on offer for 3 for £22, which is basically 3 for 2. While I think £11 is a little steep for a nail polish, I wouldn’t mind paying the £22 for three bottles.

Something that I always like about Nails Inc. polishes are the bottles. For some reason, I like them more than some other nail polish bottles. I don’t really know why though because really, it’s just a bottle. The bottle is quite small and made from glass while the lid is metallic silver. The bottle has the Nails Inc. logo on the front along with London printed underneath. As there isn’t much on the bottle, it does look quite plain but this is better for being able to see the colour inside. The back of the bottle has the company address along with stating that there is 10ml of nail polish inside. The name of the nail polish is on the bottom of the bottle.

The colour of Devonshire Row is a light purple but not light enough to be lilac. Unlike other Nails Inc. polishes I have used before, this one only needed one coat to make my nails look nice. The polish is nice and thick, and coverage was smooth. My nails were fully coated in one go and although they didn’t really need it, I put a second coat on anyway. However, you can get away with only one coat with this nail polish. The brush you get to use after unscrewing the lid is quite average for a nail polish and it will take 2-3 strokes to cover your whole nail, less obviously for smaller nails.

Even though this purple is lighter than my usual choice of dark purple, I really like it. The colour is bright and fun, which will be great during the summer. This nail polish lasted roughly 4 days before beginning to chip and by that time, I was ready for a change of colour anyway. This is also super easy to remove and unlike with other polishes, it isn’t hard work to get it off!

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