Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nails Inc. Warwick Way

I get really bored with having the same nail colour for too long so I tend to change it about once a week. Having been bought some amazing colours from Nails Inc. for Christmas, I decided to work my way through them before using anything else. Nails Inc. polishes are pretty expensive considering they’re £11 each for a single bottle so they’re not something I would buy myself very often. However, often have them on offer at 3 for £22 which is basically 3 for 2. This review is for Nails Inc. Warwick Way. The official Nails Inc. picture does not really do the colour of this polish justice though as you will soon.

All Nails Inc. nail polish bottles are exactly the same which is something I love about them. Although I have loads of different nail polishes, I can always pick out different brands due to their packaging. The bottle is quite small and made from glass while the lid is metallic silver. The bottle has on it the Nails Inc. logo along with London underneath which makes the bottle look quite plain. However, this makes it possible to really see the colour of the polish inside without it being covered up by silly lettering. The back of the bottle has on it the company address along with showing that there is 10ml of liquid inside. If you turn the bottle upside down, you can see the name of the nail polish on the underneath.

As I said earlier, the official picture makes this nail polish look as though it is a bright blue. It isn’t. Warwick Way is actually more of a teal/ green colour and not even anywhere else to blue. As I painted on the first coat, I could see just how thin the polish was, meaning it would definitely take 2 coats or more to fully cover my nails. The brush used with this nail polish is just like any other and generally takes 2-3 strokes to cover one nail which isn’t too bad. The first coat dried quite quickly meaning I could do the second one in only a few minutes. The second coat really made my nails look great and I decided I didn’t need a third coat after all.

What I love about this nail polish is that although it isn’t supposed to be a quick drying product, it does that anyway. Within 10 minutes my nails were perfectly dry and I could go about doing other things. Also, this is a really good nail polish in regards to chipping. My nail polish only began to chip at the very top after 4 days which for me, being on the laptop and working with a keyboard, was fantastic. Nails Inc. polishes are also easy to remove although some of the brighter colours may stain your hands a little if you don’t take it off carefully.

Although I do think this is an expensive nail polish, I love the colour and can’t wait to get back around to using it again! 


  1. Im from the share the love blog hop :)
    Love your layout!
    The colour of this polish is beautiful, I am obsessed with nail polish! Good luck with you blog-I have followed.
    sarah xx

  2. Hi Huni

    I found you through Hannah Maries blog Hop. I love your variety of posts. Keep up the good work chick. That Polish is beaute :).
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  3. Following back from the blog hop.
    I am not a big nail polish wearer because of work but this colour is gorgeous :)

    Jay xo