Friday, 8 February 2013

Paladone Soldier Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

My boyfriend loves his eggs in the morning and I wanted some fun things to buy him for Christmas. When I saw the Paladone Soldier Egg Cup and Toast Cutter on Amazon, I knew that I had to get it for him. At the minute, this can be found on Amazon for various prices ranging from £6-£8ish. For the price, this does make a nice little stocking filler and not just for a Christmas present. It would also do really well as a present for any occasion.

Paladone describe the product as: ‘This smart guardsman holds your egg under his hat and your spoon ready for action! There's also a clever toast cutter that literally makes soldiers to dip into the egg - yummy!’

The product comes in quite a nice display box. The box is made from cardboard and has the Union Jack flag printed on it. On the front, there is a large part of the box cut out and covered with plastic which makes it possible to see the product inside. On the left hand of the box, there is a picture of a soldier already cut out of bread being dipped into an egg. I really liked the packaging to this product as it was fun and bright, making it stand out.

Inside the box you get one egg cup in the shape of a soldier, along with a black hat for it. The soldier is also holding a small red spoon. Next to this is a red plastic template with the shapes of three soldiers cut out. The egg cup looks really nice and is super cute and this was something my boyfriend really appreciated. However, the egg cup is only big enough for either small or medium eggs and you will have trouble getting a large egg to fit in it well. The black hat also sits on well before you break the egg which helps to keep it warm.

The problem with this product comes with the soldier cutter. The cutter is made out of a really cheap plastic and the bottom side is not very sharp. We like to use quite thick bread for toast and it took some work to make this cut anything out of it. However, after a few attempts, we realised that if you really put some pressure on the cutter and wiggle it around a little bit, it cuts the toast much easier. As the cutting of the toast is not great, this would be a bit of a struggle for children to do on their own, and I’m sure that is who this product is aimed at.

Even with the problems that this product has, we both love it but mainly because it is so nice looking. 

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