Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Boots Essentials Brown Hair Grips

Although my hair is pretty long, it is layered which means it never goes up completely neat. I’m in a bit of a phase of wearing my hair in a high bun at the minute but lots of the underneath hair tends to fall down throughout the day. I haven’t really been one for hair accessories before, even the most basic, but knew that I needed to get something to keep my hair in place.

What I opted for was the Boots Essentials Brown Hair Grips due to the colour and the price. As these are a Boots product, they are only available in Boots stores and online. For 30 hair grips, you can expect to pay roughly £1.49. These hair grips are available in three colours which are blonde, black and the brown which I purchased. Although I don’t need them, I would have liked to have seen an option for red hair.

The grips are made from a brown metal. The underside of the grip is completely straight while the top is slightly wavy. At the ends of the grips are plastic ‘stoppers’ which prevent the grips from digging into your head or scratching you. The grips are very basic in style and appearance but they are a basic hair grip so I wouldn’t expect anything less. On first touch, they feel sturdy and don’t seem as though they would break easily.

Using the grips is easy and quick. All you need to do is slide the grip into the hair you wish to secure and leave it in place.

Although I haven’t used a similar product for quite some time, I remember alternatives when I was younger being terrible if you bought the cheap option. After a couple of uses, the hair grip began to stretch in the middle which meant it didn’t keep the hair in place and also, the little plastic ends would come off easily. Luckily, neither of these things have happened with my hair grips from Boots. I have had no problems whatsoever with the grips digging into my skin or getting caught up in my hair due to the ‘stoppers’ staying in place so well. They must have used some fantastic super glue on these!!

However, this kind of product doesn’t last forever. The grips do stretch after repeated use so it’s a good thing you get 30. Although the grips do stretch, it takes quite some time for them to do this if you’re careful with them. I would say that you get more than the average use of Boots Essentials Brown Hair Grips in comparison to other brands. I can go about 2 weeks continuous use with one grip before it begins to stretch.

The grips also look nice in my hair. You could say brown is a pretty generic colour but with all the different shades of hair dyes you can get, brown is never going to be the same from one person to the next. Luckily, these blend quite well with my brown hair as it is not too dark nor too light. I do think people with lighter brown hair may find that they can see the grips a bit more than I can.

Overall, Boots Essentials Brown Hair Grips are great value for money and something that I would happily buy again.

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