Monday, 27 May 2013

Ecotools Tapered Blusher Brush

After leaving all of my make-up on a bus recently, I had to replace everything including the brushes. I haven’t bought new make-up brushes in longer than I would like to say, because I loved what I had so much. My only options for quick shopping was at Boots and unless I wanted their own brand, Ecotools was all they had left due to it being a small branch.

One brush that I bought was the Ecotools Tapered Blusher Brush which cost £7.99. The brush comes in a half plastic and half material pouch which is eco-friendly. The pouch has a cardboard label attached to it although this is easily ripped or cut off. The label explains how this is an eco product and on the back, more about the brush and the eco packaging. The pouch is quite nice and reusable, so you are able to keep your brush in a nice condition should you travel about with it. The back of the pouch has a small push type button which is easily opened and reclosed.

The brush itself is made from eco materials. As Ecotools explains; ‘soft, cruelty-free bristles, has a recycled aluminium ferrule and a sleek bamboo handle.’ As I said before, I am not overly bothered about eco-friendly products and I just wanted a half decent blusher brush. However, this one does look really nice. As I bought other brushes from the same brand, they do all look nice next to each other. Also, I think they look a hell of a lot nicer than cheaper, plastic brushes.

What really matters though is how the brush feels and how well it works. The bristles on this brush are incredibly soft which is always a good start. The bristles feel lovely on my skin and don’t scratch anywhere at all. After sweeping the brush across my blusher a few times, I couldn’t see the colour on the bristles. However, I was sure it had to be there so I began to apply to me cheeks. The colour was there on the brush though so you need to be careful to not be deceived with these. I could have ended up looking like a rosy cheeked clown.

Anyway, the brush is tapered, so it is not rounded. Instead, the bristles are in a shape that helps to apply blusher better, hitting all the right parts of the cheekbone. I didn’t think the shape of the brush mattered too much but now I know differently. Working upwards from your cheekbone to your hairline, applying blusher is definitely easier with this brush. Sometimes with my old brush, I had to blend in quite a bit as it went out too far but not with this one.

Overall, I really am quite impressed with this blusher brush. The only downside is not seeing colour on the bristles but after using a couple of times, you get used to knowing how much blusher you are going to need. 

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  1. I was playing with this in Boots, didn't buy it as I am on a spending ban, but I liked how smooth it was xx