Friday, 31 May 2013

Collection 2000 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner

One make-up product that I just cannot live without is the Collection 2000 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner. After finding this little treasure a few years ago now, I have hated all over pen style liners that I have tried. Collection 2000 is by no means an expensive make-up brand but they do some fantastic products. Yes, some of them are a bit hit and miss but they do have a few things which are worth a lot more money.

I have this liner in a few different colours but I use the black more than anything else. If you want a more adventurous or colourful look though, you can always try the purple, teal or blue. For me though, black liquid eyeliner is a classic look and you can never go wrong with it really. Also, there are many ways to make this kind of eyeliner look more exciting or make it more subtle if that’s what you want.

The Collection 2000 liner is exactly what it says it is – a felt tip pen. While I have tried proper liquid eyeliners before, I find that using a pen gives more stability when applying to the eyelid as you can get a better grip on the product. When first applying to the eyelid, I notice how rich and black the colour is. As a liner from a cheaper brand, I was expecting it to not look as black or dramatic. However, the liner glides on with extreme ease, making it possible to create all kind of different lines.

The nib of the liner is not overly thin but then it isn’t too thick either. I really like the size of the nib as it allows you to start off with thin lines and build them up if you want to. Using the pen feels very comfortable in my hand and even better if I rest my elbow on my desk while applying the liner to my eye. I find that this makes it possible to have a better hold on the pen and also to not have a shaky hand which will result in uneven lines.

Collection 2000 also claim that this will last through a whole 24 hours. They weren’t lying either. I use this every day and I tend to go to work for a long period of time (sometimes 13 and a half hours). If you take into account the time it takes me to get ready, 30 minutes travel each way to work and the time there, I say this lasts at least 16 hours. I can’t say that I have ever kept it on for the full 24 though but after 16, it still looks as perfect as it did when I put it on in the morning.

As this pen style liner is extremely black and dark, it may not be the right thing for some people. For me though, it is exactly what I want and it gives me the look I like for every day. Collection 2000 products can be found at Boots and Superdrug and this product costs only £2.99, which makes it fantastic value for money. 

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