Monday, 13 May 2013

VO5 High Definition Blow Dry Lotion

Due to recently buying some new hair curlers, I also had to buy new hair products. Normally, all I use is shampoo and conditioner as my hair is straight and I never do anything with it. However, curlers can really take the life out of your hair due to the direct heat. Also, my hair is long and fine so I wanted something that had heat protection as well as giving me some volume. When I came across VO5 High Definition Blow Dry Lotion, it seemed like exactly the product I was looking for.

For a 200ml bottle of this product you can expect to pay roughly £3.70. I bought mine from Superdrug at this price although it may vary from store to store. The girl’s range of hair products from VO5 all come in bright pink packaging which I love. The pink bottle stood out to me on the shelf which is why I looked at it to begin with. The front of the bottle has the VO5 logo, name of the range which is ‘plump it up’ and other product information. The design of the bottle is quite simple in style but attractive because of the colours. The top of the bottle has a spray nozzle which is covered by a little, clear plastic cap.  

VO5 give a description of this product as; ‘Hair feels thicker, with healthy looking body. This lightweight lotion gives your hair bounce while helping protect your locks against the damage caused by heat styling. Light enough to work on fine hair. It also helps detangle hair, making it easier to comb.’

This blow dry lotion should be used on towel dried hair but not when it is soaking wet. After spritzing all over, comb or brush through hair to make sure it is evenly distributed. I always find that turning my head upside down and spraying the underneath of my hair really makes a difference as I don’t feel it all gets covered otherwise. The spray doesn’t really have much of a scent to it, which is a shame, as it would have been nice to get nicer smelling hair too.

However, after spraying my hair and combing it through then blow drying, I did see a difference in my hair. As my hair is fine and long, it does look limp and lifeless sometimes and without much texture or volume. By using this product, my hair looked quite a lot thicker and much healthier. I cannot really say how well the heat defence aspect of this works though due to me using either straighteners or curlers every day as well as a hair dryer. Although my hair looked healthier after using this, I do think it was more because it was full and bouncy compared to how it normally looks.

While this is a good product, I think there may be something better out there for me. At least something similar with a nice scent to it anyway. 

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