Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float

Another product that I received in my Sanctuary gift set was the Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float. I can’t say that I had ever heard of such thing as a bath float before so I didn’t really know what it would do.  However, from reading the bottle, Sanctuary explained that it ‘is decadent bubble bath will fill your tub with a cloud of super-rich bubbles and fill your bathroom with our sensuous oriental fragrance.’ So really, it’s a posh name for a bubble bath.

I got this in a gift set but you can buy Sanctuary products from Boots, with a 500ml bottle of this costing a whopping £9.50. I’m not sure that I have ever owned such an expensive bath product before. However, Boots do have 3 for 2 offers on Sanctuary products quite often.

The bath float comes in a large round bottle, which is made from clear plastic. Inside the bottle you can see that bath float liquid, which is a rich amber colour. As you unscrew the lid, you can instantly smell the signature Sanctuary scent which is very warm and slightly spicy. As the weather has been so terrible here, when I have a bath I tend to stay in there for quite some time to warm up. The scent of this bath float is perfect for the colder months (which seems to be all year round here now).

The bottle advises you to pour generously under running water. As this is such an expensive product, I didn’t add as much as I probably should have done. I only added two blobs of the liquid to the running water and it wasn’t long at all before my bath was nearly overflowing with bubbles. I was surprised to see so many bubbles but after that first time, I went to only using one blob as it created more than enough bubbles.

Once in the bath, I could definitely feel the difference in how soft and silky the water felt. This product is very soothing on the skin and I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable. As the scent of this bath float is quite rich, it does fill my bathroom well which creates a wonderful, relaxing place for me. After a bath, I can still smell this on my skin for many hours. If used with other Sanctuary products, the scent lasts even longer. Not only that, but even without moisturising, my skin feels wonderfully soft and smooth.

Although this is really expensive, I have fallen in love with it. 

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