Friday, 24 May 2013

I finally signed up to Glossy Box!

Before I started this blog, I had no idea what Glossybox was. After finding and reading some amazing blogs though, I quickly learned that this was something I really wanted. However, until recently, haven't had a job since finishing university so I've really had to look after the pennies. 

Last week I got the call offering me a new job so until last night, I had been debating whether or not I should really sign up to Glossybox. You see, I'm getting married later in the year, saving for a deposit so we can move to a bigger place after that and also, I want to learn to drive. I know £13 a month may not sound like much but my new job is only part time so I have to budget those wages carefully. But... after talking to the boyfriend about it last night, he was okay with me signing up!! I couldn't have been happier. Things are a little tight around here at the minute and neither of us are getting much for ourselves so I do feel a bit guilty that I'm going to get this every month and right now, he gets nothing. 

I signed up for an initial 6 months as it was a great value subscription. (It also went on the credit card!) I signed up last night which means my first box will be May's. I know May is nearly over but having seen other people's boxes, I really didn't mind getting this one first. I'll be very excited to get June's box too and to be able to write a post about getting it. 

How long have you been getting Glossy Boxes for?! 

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