Friday, 17 May 2013

Wilko Sustain 'Twit Twoo' notebook

One item which is part of Wilko’s newest stationary range is the Sustain Kraft Notebook. Wilko describe the Sustain range as; ‘perfect for the relaxed, welcoming family home. Its warm, retro vibe and natural greens and browns give you all the homely comforts, with a modern twist.’ The Sustain range of stationary has a woodland theme, with the items being covered mostly in owls and foxes. I absolutely adore anything with owls on and my mother’s surname is Fox so this is a range perfect for me.

Along with the notebook covered in animals and trees, I bought the Kraft notebook. This one comes in A5 size and is spiral bound. The notebook is made from a cardboard type looking material which makes it durable and easy to carry around. I love A5 sized notebooks because they are perfect for fitting in handbags of most sizes. The material this one is made from also means it won’t get bashed around in a bag and damaged.

On the front cover of this notebook is a quite large sized owl printed in a darker brown than the background. Underneath the owl are the words ‘Twit Twoo.’ This notebook is utterly adorable and is one of my favourites that I have at the minute. While the notebook covered in woodland creatures is cute, I do like this better mainly because of the size of the owl.

Inside the notebook is lined paper which is of pretty decent quality. It isn’t the best paper in the world though. However, this notebook only costs £2.50 so you can’t expect too much at that price. Unlike the woodland creature notebook though, this one does not have a pocket in the back cover which I was slightly disappointed about. I liked that feature and was hoping that this notebook would have one too.

If you’re a fan of this range, Wilko also do other items such as doorstops, phone cases, mugs and pens. 

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  1. I love this!!! I didnt realised wilko had them. Will look out when I go shopping.