Friday, 3 May 2013

Wilko Hairspray Extra Firm

After leaving all of my new hair styling products in Norfolk, I had to go out and buy some more so that I could use them with my new hair curlers in Nottingham. I didn’t want to spend a lot though, having better things back at home so I bought Wilko Hairspray Extra Firm. As this is a Wilko product, it can only be bought in store or online. For a 300ml canister, I paid 67p.

I was surprised at how nice the packaging was for this super cheap product. The hairspray comes in a wonderful metallic silver canister, with bold and bright lettering printed on the front. In large letters are the words ‘control’, ‘holds it’ and ‘extra firm’, letting you know exactly what this hair spray does. The lid is a bright orange, which matches some of the printed text. Once you pull off the lid, underneath is a bright orange top where you push a button to spray the product.

As I have tried the Sainsbury’s own brand of hairspray too, I had quite high hopes for this one, regardless of the cheap price. The hairspray is really easy to use because of the large button at the top of the canister. On first use, you do need to push down a little harder than normal as you need to break to seal. After this though, the button presses down really easily and you don’t need to use much force at all. As with all hairsprays, it is better to use in a ventilated area or large room due to the fumes it gives out. With this one, the fumes aren’t too bad at all though and it actually smells really nice.

I didn’t really want to buy extra hold hairspray but other than the more expensive brands, this was my only choice. I wish that there had been more options in regards to hold. After my hair had been curled, I sprayed this all over, as well as a little underneath my hair to make sure they would stay in place. However, as this is extra hold hairspray, it made my hair very firm and crispy in places. Luckily, my hair did not look stiff and crispy, it only felt that way. This hairspray did do its job extremely well though and kept my curls in all day.

If this products becomes available in just a firm hold, I would definitely buy it but I am just not a fan of crispy hair. 

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