Monday, 17 June 2013

A day in Norwich and holiday clothes shopping

Last Thursday the boyfriend and I headed to Norwich for the day to finish our clothes shopping for Florida and to see Derren Brown at the night time. It has been a while since we have been able to afford to do anything fun but the Derren Brown tickets were my Valentine's present this year even if I had to wait a while to see the show! 

After having a good look through our wardrobes, I made a plan beforehand of everything we needed to add to our Florida suitcases (which was quite a lot between us) and some other basic items so I knew we wouldn't go crazy and just buy whatever we wanted. Still though, the list was pretty big and there was lots of shopping to be done... much to John's disappointment. I'm going to add some pictures and links of things we bought but not all because this post would be huge and I can't find all of the links online. 

From M&S

Peacocks/ Next

3. Next Small Bow Top £12 (I bought this in navy and coral)

These were the main items I bought for myself along with a coral cardigan from Dorothy Perkins which was in the sale. I was quite lucky that I had most of my summer clothes already but it was the big things like a swimming costume and sandals which I needed the most. 

We also took great advantage of the 20% off t-shirts and shirts in the men's department. John managed to get himself 2 polo t-shirts, a white striped t-shirt and a lovely blue and white linen shirt which may not sound like a lot but that cost around £70. We have tried buying him t-shirts and shirts from cheaper places before but they're just not long enough and the ones from M&S definitely fit him much better and I also want him to be comfortable walking around all day in Florida. 

This is only a snippet of what will be being packed in the cases but I'll be taking photos of that before we go and you can all see what craziness the packing process is going to be! On top of the normal clothes, we also have to pack my wedding dress and the rest of my outfit and John's suit etc so we really are going to end up with a hell of a lot of stuff. I only hope we have space to bring things home with us as well!


  1. I find packing so exciting!! It's definitely worth sticking to what you know will fit you properly and feel comfortable, otherwise you'd have to buy twice and spend the same amount of money anyway.

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