Thursday, 20 June 2013

Asda George Stud Embellished Blouse

As I have had to buy this year’s summer wardrobe on a budget, the first place I headed to was Asda. I think George do some fantastic clothes and at great prices too and there is always a lot of choice. I ended up buying quite a bit but one item was the Asda George Stud Embellished Blouse. This one comes from the Moda range.

The blouse is made from sheer material (100% polyester), which makes it perfect for summer. Although the blouse is quite see-through, I wear a top underneath to stop my bra being on show. The material is very soft and it fits quite loosely. I really like how the top fits because it is not too tight anywhere. I don’t like anything that fits skin tight so for me, this is a really flattering and comfortable blouse.

The colours of this top are quite different for me as I tend to stick to darker colours even in the hotter months. Made up of tan, peach and black, this blouse has both a striped and spotted design. While this sounds like it could be too busy looking, it isn’t. The lines are bigger towards the bottom of the blouse while there are more spots towards the top. I think this kind of design puts the attention in the right places while making the body look longer and slimmer towards the bottom.

The blouse also has a studded button detail on the front which stops just below the bust line. Although I have generally worn this so far with the buttons being completely done up, I think it would be great to have them open once the weather gets warmer. This will make it possible to make the blouse even cooler when it does get hot. To match the studded buttons in the front, there are also 9 of the same on each shoulder which is a lovely detail.

Costing only £12, this is a fantastic piece for summer and it has quickly become one of my favourite tops. It is comfortable and can be worn both dressed up or down, depending on what else you wear it with.

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