Friday, 7 June 2013

Ecotools bamboo powder brush

As part of my new make-up set, I had to get a whole new set of brushes too. With there not being many options at the local Boots branch that I visited, I ended up buying the Ecotools bamboo powder brush, which matched the foundation and blusher brushes I also bought. As I mentioned, I bought my brushes from Boots and they can also be purchased at

The Ecotools bamboo powder brush costs £9.99.

The special selling point of this brush is that it is by Ecotools, a brand which specialise in eco-friendly make-up accessories. Not only does the brush come in a reusable pouch, but the bristles are made from synthetic taklon, the handle made from bamboo and the metal part is made from recycled aluminium. Although these are not my reasons for buying the brush, I think this a great idea for those more concerned with these kinds of things than I am.  

This powder brush feels nice to hold. The bamboo handle is lovely and smooth and just long enough to grip your hand around. Above the handle is the recycled aluminium which holds the handle and the bristles together. This is very smoothly fitted to the handle so it doesn’t stick out at all nor can it scratch your hands while you are holding the brush.

As a user of face pearls for many years, I haven’t really used much pressed powder so therefore, not used a matching brush either. The brush I use for my face pearls is very compact and round, making the bristles quite stiff. However, the powder brush is very different. Instead of having compact bristles, this brush has very soft and loosely fitted bristles. The brush head is also quite wide, meaning you can cover a lot of your face at once without applying too much powder anywhere. As the bristles are super soft, using the brush feels really nice on my face.

As the bristles are quite nicely spread out, this means that you can also easily shake or tap off any excess powder. My powder is a really light colour too so I am able to see it really well on the bristles. I find that because the brush is large in size, I am easily able to cover my face with powder in only two or three sweeping motions. I find using this brush so much easier than the application pad provided with my powder as it doesn’t take nearly as long to use.

Overall, this is a great powder brush and well worth the money.

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