Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Boots No. 7 Moisture Drench Lipstick

A while ago, I used to wear lipstick all the time. After the majority of them running out/ me being too tired to care due to work and uni, I stopped wearing lipstick for a while. Now that I have finished university and am looking for a new job, I thought it was about time I put more effort into my appearance like I used to. No. 7 is one of those brands that I know have a fantastic reputation so it was where I headed to buy myself a new lipstick. What I bought was the Boots No. 7 Moisture Drench Lipstick. This lipstick costs £9.50. I chose Romantic Berry as plums/ dark pinks suit me the most.

No. 7 claim that the ‘No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick now has a new and improved formula that nourishes your lips, making it our most moisturising lipstick. It keeps them smooth, soft and full with colour.’

The lipstick comes in a sleek, black plastic tube. The No. 7 logo is carved into the tube revealing a metallic silver colour which contrasts nicely with the black. The tube is extremely plain, with the colour of the lipstick on the underneath along with it stating that this lipstick is SPF 15. Although the lipstick packaging is quite basic, it still looks really nice, especially if you have more than one of these products.

This lipstick applies really well. I don’t use a lip liner and as I bought a semi-dark colour, I was a little worried about it bleeding. However, the lipstick glides on with ease and by using the pointed part of the lipstick, I found that a lip liner was not needed anyway. Not only does this glide on easily, coverage is very even and smooth. Some lipsticks can end up looking darker in places but this one has a very even colour all over which is nice.

While this is not said to be a long lasting lipstick, I find it lasts a good few hours and that’s without using anything like lipcote on the top. I smoke and drink quite a lot throughout the day and this lipstick lasts really well though all of that. On a long day at work, this has lasted me a good 3-4 hours before I needed to reapply. Even then, there were still hints of colour and it just looked a little faded by this point.

This lipstick now stays with me all the time in my handbag and I wear it daily. I’ll definitely be trying more colours from this range at some point. 


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