Saturday, 1 June 2013

Planning to move house... again!

When I moved in with John, I didn't really realise how much stuff we were going to need. Not just right now, but in the future. The flat we are in at the minute came partly furnished, meaning the washing machine, fridge (no freezer) and wardrobes in the bedroom are not ours. We are planning on moving into somewhere bigger as this 2 bedroom place just does not have enough space for is but that also means most probably having to buy a large amount of furniture and home furnishings. 

We can't move out until at least November due to our tenancy and us still paying for the wedding in September but we are trying to buy some things slowly that we know we are going to need. This started with a furniture set for the spare room that we got for a great price in a catalogue sale. Although we don't need it right now/ the spare room has been overtaken by boxes of books, we are going to need one when we move. The set consists of a single wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bedside table. Luckily, we can make use of the chest of drawers right now but the other items are going to stay in their flat pack boxes to make it easier to move them. 

Also, we needed bedding. We only had one bed sheet which was a bit of a pain to get dry in time  again after washing it. We also needed a new summer duvet as ours was a bit too heavy and thick. I tend to steal most of the duvet at night so I got us a new King Size duvet in the hopes that John might get more of it. However, while this seemed like a great plan, it also meant that our double duvet sets would no longer fit therefore meaning we also had to buy new duvet sets. 

I wanted something quite light and summery. Most of our bedding at the minute is quite dark (either black or brown) and while I love it for winter, it just doesn't do it for me now it is getting warmer. Buying new bedding also made me think about when we get to move somewhere we are planning to stay for more than a year. I think we'll finally be able to decorate so I wanted to buy something in colours that I would like in our next bedroom so I chose green and white. These are really fresh looking colours to me and they also do well for the whole year, not just summer. 

Along with this set, I got another free with it. The other set is the same colours but a striped effect instead of the circles. I have to say though, I like the one with circles so much for some reason. Here's the pattern up close:

So, the next few months (more like the next few years) are going to be a bit crazy. I'll be glad once the wedding is completely paid for and sorted so we can finally begin to sort ourselves out for the new house and being able to spread our things out a bit more! 

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