Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ted Baker Sienna Sunglasses

Normally, I end up buying cheap sunglasses from places such as Dorothy Perkins. However, they usually end up lasting one summer or less and I’m sick of replacing them every year. While in Boots recently, I was trying on some pairs for fun but I fell in love with a pair by Ted Baker. The pair in question are called Sienna and are cost £55. For some reason though, they are not available on the Boots website, nor the Ted Baker site. The Sienna sunglasses are available in Black, Demi and Brown.

I chose to buy the Demi coloured sunglasses which are actually more of a tortoise shell colouring. This has a mix of browns, golds and blacks in with the colours which to me, means that they are going to match more summer outfits and not look quite as harsh as pure black or brown. I really like the colour and style of these sunglasses as they suit my face shape and my own colourings really well.

Although a branded pair of sunglasses, the frames are still made from plastic. However, the frames feel much more robust than a cheaper pair from a high street shop and somehow, they do feel somewhat more luxurious which is good considering the price comparison. The frames are also really lightweight. Once on your face, you can barely feel the sunglasses sitting there. When it is really warm and I get a bit hot, the last thing I want is heavy sunglasses on my face and making me feel sweaty. On the sides of the sunglasses is the Ted Baker logo. The logo is printed on quite small which is a nice detail as the name doesn’t stand out too much.

Another good aspect to these sunglasses is the size of the lenses. Not only are the lenses quite dark, which is a good thing for when you don’t feel like wearing make-up in those hot summer days, but they are also UV protected. The lenses cover the whole eye area, with a little extra on both the tops and bottoms as well as the sides. These sunglasses make sure that the whole eye area is protected from the sun and they look nice at the same time.

With normal glasses and cheaper sunglasses, I really hate the small pads you get on either side of your nose. These sunglasses do not have these pads though which was a big selling point to me. I plan to wear these for quite long periods of time during my holiday to Florida later on in the year and the last thing I want is for them to be uncomfortable. The frames are made completely out of plastic which means they sit really nicely on my nose and don’t rub or feel uncomfortable at all.

As I purchased these sunglasses from Boots, I also got a free case which is made from a soft leather. The case has the Ted Baker logo printed on in blue which is a nice contrast. I think the type of case you get will differ depending on where you got the sunglasses from though.

At £55, these are the most expensive sunglasses I have ever owned although by far not the most expensive on the market. Now that I have bought something better than high street brands, I don’t think I’ll ever be going back as the quality is so much better! 

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