Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ecotools Foundation Brush

While I have been really impressed with the foundation brush I have been using from Superdrug, I had to go to Boots for a new one as there was no other options close by at the time. To match the other brushes I bought that day, I got the Ecotools bamboo foundation brush. Like the others, this brush is made from eco-friendly materials which make it better for the environment than other make-up brushes. This particular brush costs £7.99.

The brush comes in a green, eco-friendly package which has a press button at the back to close it. The casing has a plastic front so you are able to see the brush inside and it also has on it the Ecotools logo and the fact that it is made from natural and recycled materials. The pouch is reusable which is a feature I like very much. Foundation brushes especially get clogged up with liquid easily and can get messy when carrying them around.  This packaging means I have somewhere to put my foundation brush when travelling without my make-up bag getting covered in foundation.

The brush itself comes with a handle made from smooth bamboo. Holding the handle is extremely comfortable and it fits well in my hand. The handle is also long enough so make sure you have enough leverage over the angles you can use it at and its ease of use. The long handle makes it possible to angle the brush so you can get right underneath your eyelashes and the corners of your eyes with ease. Above the handle is an aluminium piece which connects the handle to the brush part.

The bristles on the brush are extremely soft but this one is a little smaller than my other foundation brush. However, I like this size much more as it means I can get into smaller parts of my face easier. By using one side of the brush to apply the foundation and the other side to blend it in, this brush helps to create a flawless finish. Obviously, this part also means having a decent foundation too though.

To clean the brush, I tend to use shampoo as I like the bristles to be kept nice and soft. The brush does build up quickly with foundation so it will need cleaning every 1-2 weeks. I like to have a sink full of really hot water and shampoo then let it soak for a while before rubbing the bristles with some more shampoo to get the rest of the foundation out. It doesn’t take long to clean the brush properly but it is a bit of a pain when having to do it so often.

Overall though, this is a great foundation brush and a better one than I had before. 

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