Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Asda Moda Feather Print T-Shirt

White is a colour that doesn’t generally see the inside of my wardrobe. Although it is not all black in there, I do like to wear darker coloured tops but this year I felt like a bit of a change. When I saw the Moda Feather Print T-Shirt in Asda, I had to have it. This t-shirt is available in sizes 10-22 but right now, it is sold out online, showing how popular it has been but it would normally cost £10.

This top is not completely white, which is why it stood out to me. Printed on the front is a feather design which is made up of pink, black, white and tiny bits of green. The feathers begin on each shoulder, facing inwards and getting slightly thinner the further down the top it goes. To me, this looks like the opposite of angel wings because if you inverted the design, that is what it would look like. The feather design is absolutely beautiful, with the feathers being outlined in black and showing the pink, white and green in the middles. Also, the large white parts of the top have a slightly darker, burnt out white spotted print on them as well which again, breaks up the monotony of the colour without making it look too cluttered or busy.

This t-shirt only has tiny sleeves which is another design detail that I really like. The cut of the t-shirt is very relaxed but very modern too. The front is straight while the back is slightly longer and curved at the bottom. The style and cut of this t-shirt makes it look very casual but the design is what makes it that little bit more special. Due to the colours mixed in with the white, this top is colourful but not over the top. Being made out of 100% polyester, this isn’t made from the best material but it is lightweight and breathable. The fit also isn’t skin tight which makes it a really nice fit for the summer.

This is by far one of my favourite t-shirts right now and it was a fantastic price so great value for money.

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