Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Skechers Women's Bikers Proposal Ballerina

When it comes to shoes for work, I have to have something extremely comfortable. When I worked in a shoe shop in Toronto, I was introduced to Skechers which I had never worn before. Since then (2007/8) I have worn nothing but Skechers for work during the warmer months and I doubt I will be buying anything else for a while. One of my favourite pairs is the Skechers Women's Bikers Proposal Ballerina.

Skechers don’t seem to have a UK website although I know Barratts stock the brand. However, I buy my Skechers from Amazon. The pair in question cost £39.99 and are available in white, beige and black. As I have been wearing black trousers for work, I chose to buy the black shoes so that they would match.

This particular pair of Skechers is in the style of a Mary Jane but with a more athletic look. The shoe is made from both leather and mesh, which makes it a robust shoe with the ability to breath at the same time. The sole, front and heel of the shoe is made from black leather which is quite stiff but does soften up as you wear these in. The sides and part of the front is made from mesh, which allows the feet to breathe and also gives the shoe a more sporty look. I really love the design of these shoes which is why I keep going back to Skechers. I hate to admit it but in other shoes, my feet can get quite sweaty at work but they don’t in these. I even wear them with socks quite a lot of the time and still my feet remain nice and dry.

These are also not a basic slip on shoe. These have one continuous strap which criss-crosses over the top of the foot. The straps make the shoes stay on my feet really well which I don’t think they would do otherwise. The straps have a velcro fastening which means you are able to have these straps as tight or loose as you need them. Everyone has different shaped feet so I think this aspect of the shoe is really clever, as it means everyone can wear them.

What I love most about this particular pair of shoes is how comfortable they are. Unlike many other pairs of shoes, there is no need to wear these in. From the first time I put these on, they were as comfortable as they are today. Never have they ever rubbed at the heels or the sides of my feet. Skechers make it possible to buy a pair of shoes and wear them immediately without having to worry about pain or blisters. I can’t say that I have had this with any other pair of shoes that I own.

While I do wear these mostly with work trousers, they can also be worn on a more casual basis. These shoes look fantastic with jeans and even more casual looking skirts. They are a great pair of shoes for the summer as they keep my feel really cool and dry. I cannot recommend these shoes enough. 

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