Friday, 19 July 2013

Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Gloss Conditioner

My lovely mother in-law bought me a bag full of Schwarzkopf hair goodies for my birthday. Schwarzkopf Gliss isn’t a brand I had ever used before and I was looking forward to using something a bit different from what I would normally buy. The Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Gloss Conditioner claims that it can repair hair cells to give 130% more shine.

The bottle of conditioner comes in a wonderfully girly bottle. The colour of the bottle is a light, sugary pink with a silver flip cap at the bottom which is also how the bottle stands up. The bottle has the Schwarzkopf logo right at the top with Gliss printed in large, bold letters underneath it. It also states that this is a hair repair conditioner and aimed at people with brittle or dull hair. Compared to the packaging of other hair products in my bathroom, I do like this one more. The colour is brighter, the bottle sleeker and it generally just looks nicer.

As my hair is pretty long and very fine, it doesn’t look very full or healthy most of the time. I get split ends extremely easily and blow drying and straightening doesn’t help this. I like my hair to look as nice as possible though and have been looking for a shampoo/ conditioner that makes it look healthier for a long time. This conditioner claims that it contains proteins that are identical to those in actual hair which makes it able to repair deep inside the hair. This sounded like a pretty good claim to me but was it true?

After shampooing my hair, I used a dollop of the conditioner (probably a bit more than most people would) and covered my hair with it. After leaving the conditioner on for a couple of minutes, I rinsed it out and covered my hair with a towel straight after getting out of the shower. Even before combing through my hair I could feel that my split ends were not nearly as dry as normal. Once combed through, my hair felt so much more healthy than I had been used to. The comb glided through my hair instead of me having to take a long time to get through it.

After blow drying, I could see the effects rather than just feeling them.  My hair is softer, smoother and definitely shinier after using this conditioner and it also smells really nice too. My boyfriend regularly comments on how nice my hair smells now since using this. Also, as I do have fine hair, I find some conditioners too harsh to use every single day and I generally have to change up what I use. However, this one does not weigh down my hair at all but instead, it feels soft every single day.

I absolutely love this conditioner and it is now my new favourite. A 200ml bottle of this conditioner will currently set you back £2.49 from Superdrug.

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