Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Look Strap Back Vest

For a more basic look this summer, I wanted a few tops that would go with pretty much everything. However, I get bored of the same old strappy vest tops but wanted something similar. New Look have a fantastic range of strappy tops which are a bit different from what you can normally get. I decided to go with the Strap Back Vest which cost £5.99. Although I bought mine in black (and white) it also comes in cream, purple, pink and blue.

The vest top is made from 100% cotton which makes it a great item for a summer wardrobe. Although I do wear my black vest more than the white version, it is surprisingly cool to wear. The vest is quite loose fitting which is another reason I like this one so much. I hate wearing tops that are skin tight especially in the summer and I don’t want any wobbly bits on show. The cut and style of this vest top is very flattering and would suit all sizes and shapes.

The vest has a round scoop neckline although it is not too low cut that it reveals more than it should do. However, what makes this vest top different is the detailing on the back. In the middle of the scoop back are three large straps made from elastic. The straps are about an inch in width so they do cover quite a large amount of skin on the back. I do tend to wear my hair down most of the time as it is long so the straps are covered up most of the time. If I do have my hair up though, it shows off the straps nicely and it transforms this basic vest top into something a bit different.

This is a top that can be dressed both up and down. While it does suit the daytime better due to its casual style, I find that with the right bottoms or skirt, and some great accessories, it can be dressed up quite easily. I wear this with my tie dye maxi skirt from Asda as it means I can wear it during the day and then at night with only a few small changes to my outfit. For £5.99, this is a very versatile top which is extremely comfortable and easy to wear. 

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